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6 Reasons why your skin gets oily easily?

Everyone is aware of their skin type and the problems that add up with them which brings a big headache. You can find many suggestions from friends or may find many remedies to get rid of that greasiness in your face. But before doing all of that you need to understand the reasons for your oily skin so that you can easily find a solution to make your face oil-free. As not everyone’s skin is oily all the time certain reasons create them let’s have a look at them.


Many people are not aware of genetic causes of oily skin but it is a widely known fact and one of the main reasons for oily skin among people. If either of your parents or grandparents inherit this skin type then there are more chances for a person to genetically have this trait.

Over Washing skin:

Washing the face often and using harsh products and scrubs can trigger the increased oil production on your skin. This happens when the natural oil content in the skin is cleansed often to protect the skin layer the oil production structure increases which result in oily skin.


We used to hear not to lots of oily or fatty food they do not just affect our health but also our skin conditions too. This reason is in your hands and one can easily control oily skin if they have an eye on their food habits and maintain proper diet structure. It is not like you must avoid certain foods totally in your routine just avoid a habit of having them often.


oily skinLike seasonal birds, some people get seasonal oily skin during summer which can affect the oil production on your face skin naturally. This may even sometimes create clogged pores so having extra care on your skin during summer to handle the heat must be an important routine you must follow.


Not all people get oily skin all the time for some people the medicines they intake causes some skin types to become oily because of the components in them. Though this might be a short-term condition it is an initial level of side effects if taken any steroid medicines.

Oily skin is hard to maintain as many skincare products are oil-based one must be careful while choosing products. More than just facials and skincare routine concentrate a lot on healthy food and exercise.