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natural herbal skincare

Natural remedies and herbal care for glowing skin

Skincare has been the topic that is often seen around the internet and skincare routine and products are increasing these days. As many know being the biggest organ in the body skin is the part of our body that is exposed everywhere that is why it needs more care. Taking care of skin at home with herbs for naturally glowing skin has been an ancient technique but to date, the value of herbs and remedies is still popular. There are different herbs and not many people are aware of the benefits and the herbs that suit them.

As many think that herbs are only for medicinal purposes simple herbs that you can grow at home in a simple pot will be beneficial to maintain your skin in a better state. In Asian countries relying on this kind of natural component for skincare is a common fact now we can see some herbs and their benefits.

Aloe vera:

Let’s start with a well-known one in the cosmetic sector as the smoothness that aloe vera gel

treating the skin

gives to your skin has been a well-known fact. If you want to look through the DIY guide to natural herbal skincare then the first one to be listed is aloe vera, more than buying gel use them naturally which is more beneficial.


Turmeric is known for its medicinal benefits as it is said to cleanse the skin and brighten the skin tone. More than that because of their anti-biotics they can be used on wounds to disinfect them using them for skin can even reduce unwanted hair growth.


We saw some best herbs for skin health to treating the skin from outside but for the skin what we take in also matters. Dandelion is known for its beauty apart from that having a tea from its root components can be a better one to heal acne from the inside.


Basil leaves also known as holy basil are a great antiseptic plant that can treat many skin conditions like fungus and ringworms. Eating them raw on empty stomach or using the basil leaf juice in drinking water can heal skin from inside.


Powder of dried horsetail can be the best herbs for facial care and skincare they can be used as an herbal powder for a bath that can exfoliate the whole body. Horsetail in tea can be a good option to have healthy skin.